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Welcome to Ajuna USA!  We are so excited to share these beautiful life changing products with you.  This work provides a fair wage, ability to send children to school, and is empowering so many in Uganda! 

In 2016, Alisha traveled to Uganda for the first time to visit Ajuna and instantly fell in love.  After another trip in 2017 and 2019 (with her husband, Andy), an idea was formed and a dream realized with a partnership with Ajuna.  Jalia and Daniel Matovu have employed around 400 people, providing dignified work and many opportunities for them.  By bringing Ajuna to the USA, our dream is to provide a much larger market for Ajuna Designs which will in turn provide more jobs for our friends in Uganda.   Ajuna designs are beautiful, unique, and handmade by men and women, who now have hope for their future because of their jobs.  We believe God placed this on all of our hearts at the exact same time so Jalia and Daniel can continue to minister to those in their community and workplace while providing jobs.  

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